Community Thrift is an independent and non-discriminatory non-profit establishment — when you donate with us you can pick your favorite charity and get a tax receipt! We accept donations on behalf of our charity partners, sell the items in our store, and then disburse the proceeds.


The donation door is open from 10am-5pm almost every day (check here for holiday hours.) It is located on the south side of the building on Sycamore Alley, parallel to 18th Street and perpendicular to Mission and Valencia Streets (Sycamore runs one way from Mission toward Valencia). Please take a look at our lists of Welcome Donations and Unacceptable Donations before bringing your items to the store.

Furniture pick-up is available in San Francisco Sunday through Thursday. Click here to fill out our furniture pick-up form to make your appointment.

Please review these guidelines for open donation drop-off hours:

  • Do not double park or block Sycamore Street while donating. Please pull into the driveway at our loading dock or park in one of the adjacent green zones. If there is no parking available, you may circle around the block or find parking elsewhere and walk your donation over.
  • Our donation dock can accommodate a maximum of 2 donors at a time. Please wait to be called before placing any donations on the dock and keep donations in your designated area.
  • If you arrive during a busy time you may have to wait in line. Weekends are typically our most busy time for donations.
  • If you need a detailed donation receipt please prepare an itemized list ahead of time (including values for your items), and bring 2 copies if possible.
  • Thank you for donating to Community Thrift Store and helping us to raise money for our Charity Partners!
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  • Clean, gently used adult clothing and shoes
  • Children’s clothing and shoes
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Art and Collectibles
  • Household Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Movies and Music
  • Electronics
  • Books

Items should be in clean and sellable condition. Some items are subject to refusal. If we have to throw it away, it’s an expense to us and the charities we serve.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept everything. Items that are broken, chipped, cracked, damaged, dirty, odorous, scratched, worn-out, stained, torn, wet, moldy, rusty, frayed, disassembled or incomplete DO NOT SELL. Items that have spent numerous seasons exposed to pet hair or the elements DO NOT SELL. Items that have survived a month of garage sales DO NOT SELL. We are forced to haul items like these to the dump, which is costly and wasteful, and takes away funds from our quarterly disbursements to charities. There are also several specific items that we cannot accept for a variety of reasons.

  • Unwelcome Children’s Items
    • No Baby Furniture
    • No Car Seats
    • No Toys
    • No Cribs
    • No High Chairs
    • No Strollers
  • No Automobiles
  • No Christmas Trees or Stands
    (Other Xmas decor only accepted Sept. through Dec.)
  • No Clothing Hangers
  • No Cosmetics and No Toiletries
  • No Exercise Equipment and No Sporting Goods
    • No Bowling balls
    • No Exercise Bikes and No Treadmills
    • No Golf Equipment
    • No Ski Equipment
    • No Tents, No Sleeping Bags/Pads
    • No Yoga Mats
  • No Food Products
  • No Hazardous Materials
    • No Chemicals
    • No Cleaners
    • No Fire Extinguishers
    • No Fluorescent/CFL Bulbs
    • No Paint
    • No Smoke Detectors
  • No Inflatable Items
  • No Medical Supplies or Equipment
  • No Outdated Media
    • No CDs without jewel cases
    • No Encyclopedias
    • No Home recorded tapes
    • No VHS Tapes
  • No Softline Household Items
    • No Blinds, No Curtains, No Window Dressings
    • No Fabric and No Remnants
    • No Pillows
    • No Sheets, No Blankets or No Sleeping Bags
    • No Towels
    • No Rugs
  • Unacceptable Types of Electronics
    • No E-Waste or Broken Items
    • No Copiers, No Printers, No Scanners, and No Fax Machines
    • No Humidifiers, No Dehumidifiers, No Air Purifiers
    • No Fluorescent/CFL bulbs
    • No Major Appliances
    • No Rear projection TVs
    • No Smoke Detectors
    • No Steam Cleaners
    • No Vacuum Cleaners
  • Unacceptable Types of Furniture
    • No Baby and Children’s Furniture
    • No Bed Frames
    • No Bean Bags
    • No Box Springs
    • No Futons
    • No Mattresses
    • No Office furniture
      • No Cubicles
      • No Conference Tables
      • No Filing Cabinets
      • No Large Desks (over 5 ft.)
    • No Outdoor/Patio Furniture
    • No Particle Board Furniture
    • No Sofa Beds
    • No Unassembled Furniture

Furniture Donations

Furniture pick-up is available in San Francisco by appointment Sunday through Thursday. If you’re interested in scheduling a pickup, click here to fill out our furniture donation form and to review our current furniture pick-up guidelines. Furniture donations can also be dropped off at our store any day from 10am-5pm.

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Our Top Tips for CTS Donors

Community Thrift Store is a non-profit organization with a small staff dedicated to providing our neighbors with a sustainable way to repurpose their unneeded items while supporting their favorite Bay Area charities. Be sure to check our lists of acceptable and unacceptable items. Here are some tips that can help us make the most of your donation:

  • Be Patient During Busy Times We accept donations 7 days a week 10am to 5pm, but some times are busier than others. Our staff works to help all donors as quickly as possible, but if you stop by on a weekend afternoon please be prepared for a potential wait.
  • Pre-Wash Please We don’t have the resources to launder items, so please make sure your clothing donations are clean! Household items should be clean and undamaged too. Things that are not in usable condition usually are not sellable.
  • Keep it Organized Putting like items together can expedite the sorting process. Please take clothes off of hangers and bag or box them separately from household items. It is helpful to have items like books and records in their own boxes too.
  • Wrap it Up We would hate for any fragile items to be damaged before they can find their new owner! Please wrap breakables in newspaper or clothing donations.
  • Consider What It’s Worth Think about what value you would like to claim on your tax deduction receipt before you drop off. We can’t advise an amount, but many professionals estimate fair market value to be about 30% of the item’s original price. Also consider which of our 200+ charity partners you will choose to benefit from your donation.


Community Thrift is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency and your donation is tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 23-7262039. We can only provide one tax receipt per donor.

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