CTS Charity Partners

How Does the Charity Partner Relationship Work?

Community Thrift Store is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a dynamic mission that includes providing other Bay Area charities with an unrestricted revenue stream. Your supporters are able to donate goods to benefit your cause with little to no burden on your organization’s resources. When someone donates at CTS and chooses your charity, proceeds from the sale will be earmarked for your organization. Disbursements are made to charity partners on a quarterly basis. In 2018 we disbursed over $420,000 to our charity partners.

Interested in Becoming a CTS Charity Partner?

All Community Thrift Store Partner organizations must be:

  • Registered with the IRS as a 501-(c)(3)
  • Based in, or have a dedicated chapter in, the Bay Area
  • Have non-discriminatory policies in place
  • Committed to sharing information about our partnership with your supporters
  • Established Charity Partners must achieve approximately $200 in monthly sales to remain on our roster

If you think that partnership with CTS would be a good fit for your organization, please download and fill out our application. Feel free to email us at communitythrift@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

Already a CTS Charity Partner?

Thank you for partnering with us as we work to close the loop on consumer waste and provide a unique and affordable shopping experience for our community. We are honored to support the work of important organizations like yours in the Bay Area. Historically, the more involved you are as a partner, the higher your financial disbursement will be.

Best Practices for Charity Partners
to Make the Most of CTS

Interested in boosting your organization’s revenue through Community Thrift Store? Try these tips, which our most successful charity partners use to maximize their fundraising:

  • KNOW THE DETAILS Make sure your employees and volunteers understand how CTS works and how your organization benefits. Be familiar with the donation hours and what we CAN and CAN’T accept for donation.
  • INCLUDE US ON YOUR WEBSITE Request and add the official CTS Charity Partnership Badge, add a section about our partnership to your website, and link back to communitythriftstore.org
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Encourage people in your community to donate to CTS and choose you as a charity partner. When someone purchases the item they donated, your charity gets paid!
  • BE SOCIAL Post information about your CTS partnership directly on your social media pages. Check out our facebook and instagram for ideas (and feel free to repost!)
  • GET IT IN PRINT Request CTS Brochures from us to share at your community locations and at events.

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